Ada Limón's "The Carrying" wins the 2019 National Book Critic Circle Award...

and I am fixing to bust about it. The Carrying has brought beautiful Big Feels to people all over the world.

Ada and I met in grad school at NYU like this: I was in the women’s locker room at the gym. I had just put on my bathing suit, swim cap and nose plug, and was about to walk out the door to the swimming pool—suddenly Ada, also in s bathing suit and swim cap, hopped in front of me and said, “No! That’s not the door to the pool!” In my memory of this, her voice is high and fast, like a cartoon chipmunk. It turns out I was about to walk onto the men’s basketball court, right in the middle of a game. That was the first, but not the last, time Ada saved my life. Lala, you’re my Wonder Woman.

Red cups, brass band, funkin’ it up in Brooklyn.

Red cups, brass band, funkin’ it up in Brooklyn.

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An Interview on Irish Online Mag,!

I was asked some great questions by the Irish online mag, Headstuff! I'm so glad to got to meet this publication. Thanks for having me, Sam!

'I didn't know you were allowed to make people laugh at a poetry reading' | Interview with Jennifer Knox - HeadStuff

Who have been the biggest poetic influences on your work throughout your career? James Tate, certainly. I saw him read in Iowa City, and everyone was cracking up. I didn't know you were allowed to make people laugh at a poetry reading.

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Sally Ziph Speaks!

Sally Ziph penned the first draft of this terrific poem (emphasis on terror) in our "Writing Poems that Kill" online class last year, and now it lives on Gerald So’s killer crime site, The Five-Two! Congratulations, Sally! Be warned: the poem and Sally's reading is chilling.

Sally Weston Ziph

KIM WALL SPEAKS You thought they'd never find me that I was fish food, just bones, no flesh to tell the tale, the truth. You black-smithed metals into a tin can sub, tricked me dropped the lid, and I went under down to Hell.

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Online Classes Will Support the Midwest Writing Center in 2019

This year, I’m donating a percentage of revenue from all my online classes to the Midwest Writing Center. The Executive Director, Ryan Collins, is an incredible organizer who has made writing and creativity accessible for people in the Quad Cities and far beyond. MWC pays their core staff, but they also have hundreds of talented volunteers. I love the work they do for writers, writing teachers, and students of all ages through conferences, workshops, contests, readings, and discussions. MWC has built a thriving, inclusive creative community, and I want to support their work.

So I’m giving $10 from every $60 sign-up fee for my first class of 2019, “Publishing Your Poetry,” on March 2, 1-3 Iowa time. MWC Members can sign up for $50. Click here for deets.

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