Online Classes Will Support the Midwest Writing Center in 2019

This year, I’m donating a percentage of revenue from all my online classes to the Midwest Writing Center. The Executive Director, Ryan Collins, is an incredible organizer who has made writing and creativity accessible for so many people! MWC pays their core staff, but they also have hundreds of talented volunteers. I love the work they do for writers, writing teachers, and students of all ages through conferences, workshops, contests, readings, and discussions. MWC has built a thriving, inclusive creative community, and I want to support their work.

So I’m giving $10 from every $60 sign-up fee for my first class of 2019, “Publishing Your Poetry,” on March 2, 1-3 Iowa time. MWC Members can sign up for $50. Click here for deets.

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RIP Jack

RIP Jack, Jackie Blue, Jackie Cracker—you were a paramour of Piggle, a chewer of plants, and a very good boy. We love you so much.

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Whoa! I'm in Great Company!

Wow, I'm so honored to be on this list with many of my favorite poets! Thanks, Benjamin Niespodziany and Neon Pajamas!

My 30 Favorite Authors (and Their Books) That I Read in 2018

2018: the read that I read more than I've ever read before. Not coincidentally: the first year I experienced tension headaches. Not coincidentally: the year my writing most improved. The list below covers a mere fraction of the books I read but it is certainly a list of the ones that impressed me the most.

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A Taquito

Me to a student: “Gimme an image.”

“An eagle on a cactus in the desert.”

“Now tell me: what food is that image?”

Thinks. “A taquito?”


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Thank You, Poets who KILL!

HUGE thanks to the students from last weekend's online class, "Writing Poems that KILL!!!" When it was over, I felt less afraid of the news, which I attribute it to our group's intrepid, generous, empathetic discussions of fear and the act of sharing our writing. Writing can help our brains process trauma, and our current political climate is a minefield. But afterwards I felt a greater understanding of compulsion in our culture. It felt like I'd cleaned my glasses.

Plus, we got to talk DNA with a retired homicide detective. The process of translating her unimaginable memories into poems is something I'll never forget.

Classes coming up: An Intro to Poetry Writing and Writing Funny ("Humorous"?) Poems.

Here’s one of my fave poems we read in class, by Kim Addonizio

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