A Mini Interview: Part One

Thanks, Thomas White, for asking me to do this mini interview! The full discussion will come out in four parts, every Friday, for a month. Cool idea!

Jennifer L. Knox : part one

Jennifer L. Knox is the author of four books of poems. Her poetry has appeared four times in the Best American Poetry series as well as in The New York Times, The New Yorker, and American Poetry Review.

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IBOM essay in the July/Aug APR!

Thank you, The American Poetry Review and Elizabeth Scanlon, for giving the perfect home to my essay on Iowa Bird of Mouth, featuring original art by Polyphony Bruna and Norbert Sarfield.

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And speaking of thank yous: Vaughan Ashlie Fielder, Iowa Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Tyler Harms, Barbara Ching, KHOI Community Radio, Ames Public Library, Akwi Nji, Nicholas Manjoine, Colleen Bradford Krantz, Tracy Bohush, Ronna Lawless, Kathranne Knight, Larassa Kabel, Heidi Wiren Bartlett, Juan Felipe Herrera, David Lehman, Kwame Dawes, Iowa Young Birders, Story County Conservation, State Historical Society of Iowa, Jess Lancial, Erica Place, Jim Pease, Claire Krüesel, Heather Derr Smith, Molly McDonald, Meg Johnson, Nate Logan, Steve Rose, Iowa Raptor Project, Catherine Esposito Prescott, Iowa Youth Writing Project, Ames Tribune, Charity Nebbe and Iowa Public Radio, Cam Roberts, and all the fabulous poets who threw down and soc med IBOMers. That was FUN!

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A review of The Pickling Poet on the Best American Poetry blog!

This was so much fun to write, but even funner(er?) to try the amazing pickles, jams and honey from The Pickling Poet! Thank you, Stacey Harwood-Lehman, for thinking of me!

A Peck of Pickles and Poetry [review of "The Pickling Poet" by Jennifer L. Knox]

As a poet and cook, the pickle/poetry connection is obvious to me. A poem preserves a moment. No matter what emotion of that moment (wonder, surprise, grief, love, etc.), in its preserved poem form, we can turn it over in our hands and watch the light pass through it.

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Drinking Down The Thin Man

Collin and I won last summer's Ames Library pub crawl. I got to say my favorite line all night: "Pardon me, I don't normally look this way—I've been Christmas shopping." Collin sweated through that acetate smoking jacket. Perhaps something cooler this year..."Lord of the Flies"? All we'll need is a conch shell and tattered British school boy uniforms.