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Publishing Your Poems

“Jennifer is kind and evaluates work with a big heart and a sharp eye. You will come out of her classes ready to take on the world of submissions!"

”The class and Jennifer are terrific! Great for folks who have never submitted and are not sure how and where to start.”

Writing is a personal process that can bring us solace while simultaneously connecting us to the universe. Sharing your writing through publishing is a totally different ballgame. If you’re ready to get your poems off your hard drive and into a magazine or even a book, this class is for you.

What kind of poetry do you write?” can be a daunting question, but we must answer it in order to determine what publications are good fits for our work. So we’ll begin with a self-assessment of style. We’ll tour a few online publication directories, and discuss how organization affects the information we receive. We’ll analyze some very different publications to see how submission rules vary, and how to spot a good match for your work. We’ll walk though Submittable, the most widely used online submission tool. We’ll wrap up with tips for book contests and handling acceptances AND rejections.

By Monday, February 25, choose five poems you feel are ready (or almost) to be published and send them to me. I’ll send you the instructions for your submission after you register.

* Choose and email 5 poems by 2/25
* Complete a style self-assessment and share the results
* Visit online publication databases
* Analyze the needs of different publications and presses to see if your work is a good fit
* Walk through the Submittable process and tracking submissions
* Discuss cover letters, submission guidelines and contests

The class will be held online via Zoom Meeting—you'll need a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet (with a camera if you want to be seen). I’ll email you a link, you’ll click on it at 1 pm midwest time. We’ll be able to see each other all at once on a grid, as well as see the websites and your work on the screen.

Publishing Your Poems

Class: Saturday, March 2
Sign up deadline: CHANGED TO FRIDAY, MARCH 1! But the sooner you sign up and send your poems, the more time I’ll have to give them feedback.
Select and submit five poems in one file by the deadline. Instructions for the submission will be emailed to you when you register.

20 spots, all levels, 1-3 pm Iowa Time
Email jenniferlknox at gmail for sign-up/details.

$10 from every sign-up will go to the Midwest Writing Center, which facilitates the work of writers of all ages and teachers through conferences, workshops, contests, readings, and discussions. MWC Members receive $10 off the sign up fee with code at checkout.

Image by Loïs Marcinkowski. It occurred to me that publishing is like sending poems into space.

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