DRUNK BY NOON (Bloof Books, 2007)

“With so much of contemporary poetry dominated by the introspective, it is refreshing from time to time to have some good old-fashioned crazy fun. Full of sex, drugs, and Liberace, the humor is Knox’s poetry is used with precise skill…Indeed, behind every comic moment is a tragedy shouting through its megaphone…Drunk by Noon is, at its heart, a wonderfully entertaining book, both because of its comic genius and because Knox never gives the impression that comedy is her only purpose.”
—American Poet 

"This second book from Knox, a young New York poet, continues the playful romp through the warped Americana she began in her debut, A Gringo Like Me. Here, Knox gives voice to wayward teens, drug-addled sages and fat dogs fantasizing about killing babies—among other unsavory characters—through dramatic monologues and quick narrative sketches." 
—Publisher's Weekly

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