Knox expands on her inimitable cast of characters, in hilariously poignant poems. In poems like “Marriage” and “One Ton of Dirt,” Knox ventures further into autobiographical territory than she's ever gone before, in ways that will startle those familiar with her previous books, exploring relationships with her exes, her parents, and her younger self. Like the best comedians (to whom she's often compared), Knox is never merely funny. Each of her speakers, even the bedraggled coyote that walks into a Quizno's, has something important to say. 

"Knox's poems knock me out. They have a pace of imagination, an ease of inventiveness that gives me an excuse to use the word brio…The oddities of her work create a space in which it's possible to be oddly sincere...To read these poems is to believe that accident and breakdown ARE the way forward, and to feel someone trying to interrogate the past generously enough to allow room for extremes of response, from shouting to atonement." 
—Bob Hicok

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