Poetry Writing Night at the Des Moines Social Club beginning May 4!

Poems don't write themselves. Somebody's got to do it, and this summer, it could be you. Dive into poetry writing with an 8-week course for all skill levels.

Every Wednesday from 7-8, we'll read and discuss poems by exciting contemporary poets on a variety of themes, then we'll write poems (or drafts of poems that can be revised later) based on prompts and share our work. This will be a safe, supportive space in which we will be feel free to tap into our secret wells of creative irrationality. We'll cover a new topic in every session including venues for publishing your work.

After the last class on June 29, we'll have an open mic DMSC at which you can share your poems with an audience. Take 1 class or all 8. Single sessions are $15 each; sign up for all 8 at a discount price of $100.


Jennifer KnoxComment