"Our Friends Above the Equator" is up at Berfrois!

Lovely Russell Bennetts at Berfrois has posted my crazy (technically challenged) video and the parodic poem that inspired it because he is a champion.

"This film poem was inspired by a trip to the dentist office after watching a documentary about New Zealand birds. As I sat there with the nitrous oxide mask on my face, I recalled the incredulity of the documentary’s speaker—“Can a bird really be that smart?” I laughed out loud. Of course, it can! My brain said, “That’s like asking if tits are smart.” The poem grew from there. I was inspired to turn it into a film by long-time friend and poet Nicole Santalucia's original artwork" which is all about animals with tits!

Hail, nitrous! Maybe NSFW if your work hates tits.

David Attenborough, this is for you.

Jennifer L. Knox reads 'Our Friends above the Equator' - Berfrois

With their dazzling colors and virtuosic range of calls, it's no wonder tits have been the subject of the world's greatest art, music, and literature. But aside from their beauty, their bold curiosity, and comically destructive behavior, what do we really know about tits?

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