2018 Ames Community Arts Council Awards


I'm honored be named the 2018 Bill Pelz Arts Advocacy Award winner by the Ames Community Arts Council. "The award is for that person who generates enthusiasm for Ames arts events by taking every opportunity to promote and encourage participation at any and all levels: as an audience member, as a performer or as a behind-the-scenes volunteer." Thank you, Jim Coppoc, for the nomination and ACAC for spotlighting area arts and artists!

The 2018 ceremony will be Sunday, April 22, 1:30 p.m. at Octagon Center for the Arts. t's free and open to the public. Afterwards, let's go sing some karaoke or something!

"Bill Pelz was one of Ames’ most enthusiastic arts advocates.  During his tenure as Mayor of Ames from 1974-1975, he hosted the first fund raising event for ACTORS to obtain its building on Abraham Drive.  As mayor, Bill created the Ames Community Arts Council.  Today there are six board members and six representatives of member organizations.  Originally this body acted as an advisory group to the city council for funding arts organizations with revenue sharing funds available from the federal government.  Then and now ACAC serves as a coordinating and advocacy organization for the arts in Ames."

Jennifer KnoxComment