Linda Umans versus the Zombies!

Linda Umans penned a draft of this unforgettable zombie poem in my "Writing Poems that Kill" class last year, and now it's up at Queen Mob's Teahouse with more great poems! Tho I have to admit I'm partial to zombies. How great is that last line: "Wait up. I’m walking."

In the class we discussed mass psychogenic illness in the workplace —because work is where mass psychotic events are more likely to occur—esp in manufacturing environments—than zombies per se. No big surprise here but financially stressed women are more likely to be participants in mass psychotic events, and they consistently report experiencing absolutely no symptoms at all. A lack of clearly defined leadership also seems to be a factor. Poor zombies.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 6.52.18 AM.png
Jennifer KnoxComment